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 The CSLC is the first, and only, sustainability certification for lighting professionals.  A CSLC certified individual will be familiar with the concepts surrounding sustainability and how they relate to lighting systems at all phases of implementation.  The Department of Energy (DOE) defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  The Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) designation is a pre-requisite for the CSLC computer based exam.

To learn more about the CSLC computer based test please review the CSLC Candidate Handbook.   In order to sit for the computer based test you will need to submit the application found in the CSLC Candidate Handbook.  After your application has been processed you will receive notification of your acceptance in order to schedule your CSLC computer based test.  Please refer to the CSLC Candidate Handbook or contact NALMCO headquarters at (515) 243-2360 with questions regarding your application.

CSLC Content Outline:  (Items/Questions)
1. Definitions and Terminology  (10)
2. Manufacturing/Transportation/Packaging  (5)
3. Life Cycle Costs  (5)
4. Energy Calculations  (20)
5. Lumen Delivery Systems  (20)
6. Control Systems  (5)
7. Productivity/Tenant Comfort  (10)
8. Environmental/Societal Impacts  (10)
9. Light Pollution  (5)
10. Disposal/Recycling  (10)

NALMCO’s Knowledge Center is a learning and continuing education page that houses the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate lighting informational library available. This learning tool will help candidates prepare to sit for the CSLC computer based test.  The Knowledge Center is accessible by CSLC candidates (for a 90-day period) and NALMCO members.



Cost for the CSLC Program

The CLMC designation is a pre-requisite for the CSLC.




Application/Certification Fee (good for approximately three years)



CSLC Retake Fee



CSLC Recertification Fee



The lighting industry prides itself on distinguishing those persons who have accomplished this professional and personal achievement.  The interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies™ (NALMCO®) is proud to be able to offer ways to help guide individuals through the arduous yet satisfying task of self-improvement.  

The purpose of the Certified Sustainable Lighting Consultant (CSLC) program is:

  • To raise the professional standards of the lighting management industry by giving special recognition to those individuals who, by passing suitable examination and fulfilling prescribed standards of performance and conduct, have demonstrated a high level of technical competence and knowledge, as well as ethical fitness for holding key positions in the industry. 
  • To make available to members of the lighting management industry, on a voluntary basis, a procedure for recognition of personal and professional achievement. 
  • To make the public more conscious and aware of qualified, ethical and professional individuals representing the lighting management industry. 
  • To identify persons who have elevated their expertise to providing and maintaining sustainable lighting systems and continually improving their knowledge of technological advances.   
  • To encourage members of the industry to participate in a continuing program of professional development.

It is not the intent of the Certification board to determine who shall or shall not practice as a sustainable lighting consultant. The board specifically disclaims any intention to interfere with or limit in any way the professional activities of anyone in the practice of lighting management consultant, only that such individual has not fulfilled the requirements for CSLC or has not applied for such recognition. 

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