If you’re a lighting professional engaged in the business of lighting maintenance, lighting retrofit, or electrical sign maintenance - NALMCO is the organization for you!

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Certification Programs

NALMCO offers four nationally recognized certifications which identify professionals who demonstrate a high degree of competence and knowledge. Education tells you that your people are trained to perform their best, while certification assures your customers that your people are thoroughly competent and professional.

Certifications Include:

NALMCO’s Knowledge Center is a learning and continuing education page that houses the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate lighting informational library available.

The Value Of Certification

While the benefits of NALMCO membership are broad in their scope and serve members in diverse ways, NALMCO’s certification programs are one of the most significant benefits of membership.

More so than other associations, we have taken steps to provide training and education to ensure a disciplined, professional and uniform approach to lighting management, consistent throughout NALMCO member companies. This uniformity in approach and service delivery is extremely valuable as many of us work with customers at a national account level.

In an effort to create an industry standard, NALMCO unveiled the first, and only, sustainability certification for lighting professionals in the fall of 2010.  The new Certified Sustainable Lighting Consultant (CSLC) certification is a seal of approval ensuring that a lighting professional has expertise in creating and maintaining lighting systems that use long-lived, energy-efficient products that minimize impacts on the environment and society.  The certification can be earned through an exam that tests 10 areas of knowledge, touching upon such topics as materials, recycling, transportation, light pollution, manufacturing and other environmental impacts. Only individuals who are already Certified Lighting Management Consultants (CLMC’s), are eligible to take the exam.  For more information and to apply for the CSLC certification, please click here.

NALMCO has contracted with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) to enable access to the CLMC® and CSLC exam like never before, while adhering to the highest standards and rigors of testing practices. A few of the benefits are:

• 170 AMP Assessment Centers geographically distributed across the U.S.
• On demand testing six days per week with two sessions per day.
• 24/7 online web scheduling.
• Preliminary scoring at testing sites.
• Toll-free access to Candidate Services Specialists.

 There has been significant progress in bringing the importance of certification to the forefront of our national leaders and to the public. This includes the CLMC’s inclusion in an article written by NALMCO member Mark Lien from Hubbell Lighting. His article, "The Alphabet Soup Of Lighting Certifications", was first published in LD+A, a publication of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

There have been some very exciting developments in NALMCO’s push for national recognition. We are working closely with some of our past presidents, representatives of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to position NALMCO in a favorable "light" with the IRS in matters pertaining to EPACT 2005 and Building of the 21st Century legislation.

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