CALT and CSLT Certification Programs

CALT - Certified Apprentice Lighting Technician
CSLT - Certified Senior Lighting Technician

NALMCO offers home study certification programs which are indispensable for both entry-level and midlevel lighting management personnel. They are the Certified Apprentice Lighting Technician (CALT) and the Certified Senior Lighting Technician (CSLT) designations. Not only do they teach basic and advanced lighting and lighting management operations, they increase the professionalism of your business and serve as an important bridge toward obtaining the Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) status.

The certification programs consist of training textbooks printed in English, reader-friendly, self-administered exams, certificates of completion, certification wallet cards, and shirt badges.

Learning the Course: This is a “home study” course, but can be presented in a classroom fashion by the company. Some companies may find it desirable to teach the course, backing lecture with reading. Others may prefer to have the technicians read a chapter, then sit down with them in a group for review and discussion. Still other companies may want to allow the technician to complete the entire textbook, then sit down with him/her and review in preparation for the certification exam.

Registration Process:
  1. Complete the online registration with payment in the NALMCO Store.

    NOTE: Each technician sitting for the exam must register individually. Exam information and training manuals are sent to the individual taking the exam. Technicians may Create an Account on by clicking “Member Login,” “Create Account.”

    Current CALTs have an account already established. If you forgot your Username or Password, click “Member Login” and “Find Me.” If the technician DOES NOT HAVE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THEIR CERTIFICATION RECORD, THE SYSTEM WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIND THEM. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT FOR THE TECHNICIAN IF THEY ARE ALREADY CALT CERTIFIED. They will need to contact NALMCO Headquarters for login information.

  2. You must have attained your CALT Certification before you can register to take the CSLT Certification.
  3. Online registration opens your six-month candidacy to study and take either Exam.
  4. Within 10 business days, you will receive the training manual. (The ‘Lighten Up’ manual for the CALT Exam and the ‘Illuminations’ manual for the CSLT Exam.)
  5. Within 10 business days, you will receive an email about your testing session. Please ensure your email program will accept emails from All exam correspondence will be sent electronically. The email will include your Username and Password to take the exam by computer.
  6. You have six (6) months from the date of online registration to complete the exam. 
  7. Upon completion of the exam, you will receive your final score. Your score must be 70 percent. 
  8. If you pass the exam, you will be sent a certificate of completion and a letter containing your wallet card.
  9. Examination retakes are available for $50 per retake.
  10. You must recertify your CALT or CSLT every three years to maintain your certification status. You will receive notification in the mail when it is time to recertify. CALT and CSLT certification renewal is $60 for NALMCO members and $180 for prospective members.
Review the list of Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information on registration, fees, recertification requirements, computer/technology challenges and contact information for further questions.

These valuable programs are available for purchase in our Online Store.


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