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LM&M August 2016

Volume 44 • Number 3

  • NALMCO’s Annual Convention & Trade Show – BIG things in Dallas! 
  • It Pays to Save: How This Energy-Efficient LED Lighting Upgrade Captured Local and Federal Tax Incentives 
  • The Anatomy of an Audit 
LM&M May 2016

Volume 44 • Number 2

  • LEDs and Lighting Control Systems 
  • Retrocommissioning: LMC Opportunity 
  • LEDs + Wireless Controls 
LM&M February 2016

Volume 44 • Number 1

  • OLEDs, Future of "Internet of Things," and the Future of Lighting: Focus of NALMCO Spring Seminar 
  • LED Progression Today and Tomorrow: What's on the Horizon 
  • New Color Evaluation Method Revealed 
LM&M December 2015

Volume 43 • Number 4

  • DOE Profiles Commercial Building Stock, by Craig DiLouie, LC 
  • The Real-World of LEDs: Case Studies and Solutions, by Jack Curran 
  • Annual Convention & Trade Show Highlights 

LM&M August 2015

Volume 43 • Number 3

  • Annual Convention Sneak Peek, by Rob Wilson, LC, CLMC, LEED AP
  • CALT/CSLT Gain Recognition, Brian Baker, CLMC
  • The Wide World of LEDs, by Jack Curran


LM&M May 2015

Volume 43 • Number 2

  • CALT/CSLT and Your Electrical License, by Rob Wilson, LC, CLMC, LEED AP 
  • Trends in LED, by Craig DiLouie, LC 
  • LED and Lighting Controls, by Jack Curran


LM&M February 2015

Volume 43 • Number 1

  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting LED Systems, by Craig DiLouie, LC  
  • Fluorescent Versus LED: Which is Better?, by Jack Curran  
  • New Structure and Programming at NALMCO 2015 Spring Seminar
LM&M August 2014

Volume 42 • Number 3

  • Regulatory Roundup, by Craig DiLouie, LC 
  • Regulations: Are The Costs Worth The Benefits, by Chris Kuehl 
  • Energy Codes and LED Lighting: Why? What? How? by Eric Richmond 
  • Join NALMCO in Santa Fe


LM&M December 2014

Volume 42 • Number 4

  • Testing LED Linear Lamps, by Craig DiLouie, LC  
  • LEDs: Color and the Human Visual System, by Jack Curran  
  • How to Get Your Business Unstuck & Growing Again, by Barry Moltz  
  • Annual Convention and Trade Show Highlights

LM&M May 2014

 Volume 42 • Number 2

  • Lighting Rebates - Article by Craig DiLouie, LC
  • Mid-Year Review: The Five Awful Things That Could Still Happen - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • 2014: The Year of the Troffer Retrofit - Article by Lois I. Hutchinson
  • 61st Annual Convention & Trade Show Preview
LM&M February 2014

 Volume 42 • Number 1

  • Affordable for Whom? - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • Lighting and the Commissioning Process - Article by Craig DiLouie, LC
  • Owning a Culture of Safety - Article by Lois I. Hutchinson
  • Digital Work Order Systems - Article by Rob Wilson, LC, CLMC, LEED AP

LM&M December 2013

 Volume 41 • Number 4

  • There is a Solution - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • Controlling LEDs - Opportunities for Every Space - Article by Lois I. Hutchinson
  • Predicting Energy Savings with Lighting Controls - Article by Craig DiLouie, LC
  • 2013 Year-End Review of Conventional Light Source Technology - Article by Lois I. Hutchinson

LM&M August 2013

Volume 41 • Number 3

  • LED Maintenance, Part 2 - Article by Craig DiLouie, LC
  • What's Wrong with this Economy Anyway? - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • Content is King: Social Media & Inbound Marketing - Article by Lois I. Hutchinson
  • 60 Years in the Making: The NALMCO Convention & Trade Show
LM&M May 2013

Volume 41 • Number 2

  • LED Maintenance, Part I - Article by Craig DiLouie
  • 4 Trends for Business to Consider in 2013 - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • Keeping the Lights Off - Article by Lois I. Hutchinson
  • Ted's Controlled World - Submission by Pat Treadway
LM&M February 2013

  Volume 41 • Number 1

  • Last Chance: CBTD Set To Expire - Article by Craig DiLouie
  • 4 Things To Look Forward To In 2013 - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • NALMCO 60th Anniversary Member Survey
  • 2013 NALMCO Spring Seminar Registration
LM&M December 2012

 Volume 40 • Number 4

  • What's New In Lamps and Ballsts - Article by Craig DiLouie
  • The Four Things You Should Have Heard More About Last Year - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • LED & Automation Products Are Electrifying the Top of Companies
  • We Belong. Should You?
LM&M August 2012

Volume 40 • Number 3

  • Regulations Set New Efficiency Standard for Fluorescent Ballasts -
    Article by Craig DiLouie, LC 
  • It's Almost November - Do You Know Where Your Economy Is? -
    Article by Chris Kuehl
  • Relight vs. Retrofit: How Does the Industry Quantify Value? -
    Article by Raymond A. Pustinger, CLMC, CSLC, CEM, CDSM 
  • NALMCO 2012 Spring Seminar Recap
  • 59th Annual NALMCO Convention & Trade Show 
LM&M May 2012

Volume 40 • Number 2

  • Incandescent Reflector Lamp Regulations - Article by Craig DiLouie
  • Will Energy Prices Kill the Economic Recovery? - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • New Product Releases
  • NALMCO Networks at Globalcon 2012 
  • LM&M's Big Makeover
LM&M February 2012

Volume 40 • Number 1

  • Countdown to the Post T-12 Era - Article by Craig DiLouie
  • Sales, Management, Future Trends & Business / China Loses Its Competitiveness - Article by Chris Kuehl
  • New Product Releases
  • Industry & Member News
  • 2012 NALMCO Spring Seminar Registration
Evaluating the Efficiency of Light Fixtures

Lighting management companies are often called upon to provide lighting upgrade services that involve lamp and ballast replacement, but in some cases, entire light fixtures must be replaced, and there is an opportunity to relight, rather than simply retrofit, the project. In this case, the lighting management consultant is placed in a position to evaluate and select light fixtures based on how they distribute light and how efficiently they can do so. This article provides several metrics for how light fixture efficiency is measured to aid these evaluations.

Electronic Ballast Trends

One of the most remarkable stories in the lighting industry is the ascendance of electronic ballasts. Back in 1986, electronic ballasts represented less than one percent of all domestic ballast shipments.

Lighting Controls Retrofit

According to the New Buildings Institute, advanced lighting controls can generate up to 50 percent lighting energy savings in existing buildings. With commercial end-use kWh costs running at an average $0.105 nationally and as high as $0.15-–$0.20 in some states, this may justify the addition of lighting controls to lamp and ballast upgrades.

Department of Energy Issues New Lamp Efficiency Rules

In July 2009, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued new energy efficiency standards for commercial general service fluorescent lamps and incandescent (and halogen) reflector lamps. The new rules take effect July 14, 2012, and will basically eliminate products with the lowest efficiency and lowest cost.

NEMA Premium Brand Recognizes Industry’s Most Efficient 4-Ft. T8 Ballasts

What is a “high-efficiency electronic ballast?” After all, aren’t all electronic
ballasts inherently high-efficiency electronic ballasts? What’s the benefit?
Why should I pay more for them? And how can I tell the difference between
these and other electronic ballasts?

Load Shedding Ballasts Enable Demand Response Retrofits

Demand is the sum of all electric power required to run a building’s equipment currently in operation. As equipment is turned on and off, demand rises and falls. Peak demand is the highest level of demand recorded by a demand meter during a given time period. This is the most expensive power the utility has to produce, as the utility must build sufficient capacity to satisfy these short periods or buy the power needed from other sources at market rates.

White LED's: Discerning Fact and Fiction

LEDs are one of the most exciting developments to occur in the lighting industry. Already, they offer color changing, highly compact size, zero mercury and easy dimming. LEDs are now starting to make inroads into niche architectural white-light applications such as cove and display lighting.

Survey Describes the Average NALMCO Member

In late February and early March, NALMCO™ Headquarters sent out two invitations to members inviting them to take a survey describing their business. The survey generated 29 responses & a 59% response rate. The results can be used to create a profile of the statistically average NALMCO™ member.

Maintenance in an LED Future

LEDs appear to be all the rage, which is at least partially justified by unique advantages this light source can bring to some projects, one of which is long service life.

LEED-EB -- Opportunity for NALMCO Members?

Many corporations have traditionally resisted the idea of “green” buildings for a variety of reasons. Some think it’s a radical idea, others an unnecessary cost, and still others a fiction created by environmental extremists rather than an investment that can produce tangible economic and environmental benefits.

Energy Law To Phase Out 40-100W

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 includes few provisions directly related to lighting, but most people are already familiar with one of them: the phased elimination of today’s 40-100W general-service incandescent lamps starting in 2012.

Congress Extends Commerical Buildings Deduction to 2013

The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 2005 created the Commercial Buildings Deduction (CBD), which established an accelerated tax deduction rewarding investment in energy-efficient interior lighating, HVAC/hot water systems and building envelope.

Are LED Screw-Ins Ready To Take On the 60W A-lamp?

America is calling for a super-efficient light bulb, and has pinned its hopes on solid-state lighting.  Are LED screw-in replacement lamps ready to step up and take on that venerable workhorse, the 60W incandescent A-lamp, confirming industry talk that the CFL is going to turn out to be just a transition technology between incandescent and LED light sources?

Are LED Replacement Lamps Ready for Prime Time?

Manufacturers of these lamps claim potentially impressive benefits for their LED products, including energy savings, long service life, suitable for cold-temperature applications, directional light output, no mercury or load, and resistance to shock/vibration.

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