The Promise of Progress
Part I and Part II


The disruption that our lighting community is experiencing offers unprecedented opportunities. We will create more wealth in the next 10 years than the previous 100. There is easier access now to capital, knowledge, expertise and advanced technologies than ever before. The cost of food, transportation, communications and energy have fallen dramatically over the past century. LED lighting has become competitive with traditional sources making it accessible and preferable to most consumers. Miniaturization, integration into the electrical infrastructure of buildings and SSL morphing with other trades is already occurring.  

The promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to materialize. Lighting serves as the lynchpin enabling digital technologies critical to the expansion of city services and connected electrical devices. Life changing benefits can result if systems are designed and used wisely. This presentation addresses relevant protocols, artificial intelligence, data analysis, new trends and more. 

The pace of future progress will quicken and lighting professionals who embrace it will be rewarded. The promise of progress is available to whoever best understands and addresses the exponential growth shifts we are facing. Attend this two-part session for a glimpse at the promise and a message on how to enjoy and benefit from the transformation we are experiencing.

Mark has designed lighting systems for a wide range of applications including residential, retail, healthcare and both conventional and nuclear power plants. He has provided lighting education, presenting and teaching throughout North America, Asia and the Middle East. Mark has served on the Board of Directors of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). He is a member of multiple IES, ASHRAE and ANSI committees. He is a columnist for Lighting Design and Application Magazine writing on the Forces of Change in our industry. Mark served as Chair of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Light Source Committee and Vice-Chair of the National Lighting Bureau (NLB).

He has attained the Lighting Certified (LC) designation from NCQLP and is a Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP) with the Association of Energy Engineers. In addition, Mark is a Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC) with NALMCO and is a LEED BD&C Accredited Professional. He has attained the High-Performance Building Design Professional (HBDP) certification from ASHRAE. Mark ran the educational centers for both Cooper and Hubbell Lighting and was the Director of Government & Industry Relations for OSRAM SYLVANIA. Mark is the Industry Relations Manager for the Illuminating Engineering Society.