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Labor Savings Impact of Wireless Controls on Renovation Projects and the Future of IoT

Acuity Brands Lighting

The session will give a brief update on where codes stand and which ones require the incorporation of controls into a renovation project. We will then cover specific examples where lighting contractors, across the country, are taking advantage of wireless controls to save labor and win projects. This portion of the session will focus on the energy saving strategies (on/off, photocell, etc.) through the use of controls, as well as the labor savings through the use of wireless controls. The session will then end with a brief overview of the future of IoT and how a platform can be utilized now in renovation jobs to prepare for that future. This overview will cover apps that exist today that use luminaires as a way of collecting data; as well as potential apps that could possibly exist in the not too distant future.  

Aerial Device Safety and Maintenance

Altec Inc.

This session will review current OSHA and ANSI regulations, discuss proper operation and intended use and review scheduled and preventative maintenance.

Financing Tools to Help Build Your Sales Pipeline 

DLL Financial Solutions 

The desire for energy efficient retrofits continues to rise, in spite of fewer utility incentive rebates. Customers no longer can rely on rebates to bring project costs/out-of-pocket payments down. During this learning lab, we will touch on a number of topics that will keep sales pipelines full of customers who are leveraging financing solutions for their energy efficiency retrofits. We will be discussing: accelerating the decision process from the end user; preserving margin; quick and easy creative financing including lease, loan, municipality and Managed Equipment Services (MES) contracts for commercial and government/municipality end users; how to use financing as a competitive advantage; and positioning financing to increase project scope.

Navigating Channel Evolution “Strategic Thinking in an Ever-Changing B2B Environment”

Energy Solutions International, Inc.

We are experiencing change within our industry and around all the areas that dominate our daily interactions. LED has changed how we look at lighting applications and solutions forever, and controls and the Internet of Things have greatly altered the environment where these solutions become relevant. Today’s retrofit and new construction venues must be ready to move with the prevailing winds, looking at the new innovative channel strategies being implemented by today’s lighting and controls manufacturers. Direct sales, agency representation, distribution, e-commerce, cloud-based software opportunities and strategic partnerships are all in play.

Choosing the Right LED Solution

Espen Technology

Using case studies, we will show that by taking the time to evaluate all possible LED retrofit solutions for an application you can generally achieve the best possible result for the user in terms of performance, initial cost and long-term operating cost.

New Construction Parking Structure

FSC Lighting

FSC Lighting was approached by a parking operator who was looking for an energy efficient lighting solution for its new facility for which we generated several options including LED lighting. The massive project began with a phase of installation including lighting a 10-level structure on the southwest corner of 7th and Alameda Street, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The LED fixture was selected after an in-depth evaluation concluded the LED fixture would yield the lowest maintenance costs, provide a long useful life and produce superior light quality. This session will discuss the LED controls, energy savings, ease of maintenance and integration of building systems.  

Data Security Through LiFi Enabled Lighting

Linmore LED

Wireless connectivity is evolving. The spectrum now has to accommodate more mobile users and is forecasted to increase to 20 billion devices (forming the IoT) by the year 2020 which will result in what is known as the Spectrum Crunch. However, LiFi can open up 1,000 times more spectrum for wireless communications to combat this phenomenon. LiFi is a transformative technology changing the way we connect to the Internet by using the same light we use to illuminate our offices, home and even streets. Integration of LiFi within LED strip lights will drive mass adoption, enabling LiFi to easily move into full-scale implementation within offices, schools, warehouses and anywhere illumination is required.

Saving Energy while Making Money: Wireless Lighting Controls for Outdoor and High Bay Applications

LSI Industries, Inc.

A common application today for saving energy and money is upgrading your HID lighting to LED technology. This is something we all are doing day in and day out. We save our customers money by doing this upgrade. Additionally, we all know that we can save additional energy/money by installing controls which will reduce the run time for these fixtures (and it is often required by code). But why aren’t we installing controls on every project? Often the application can mean a labor-intensive project depending on the control strategy desired. Do I have to install power packs and sensors running line voltage or low voltage wiring back to a central location? Will this be cost prohibitive? Just the “hassle factor” or additional cost may make customers walk away from the idea of controls. Instead, why not design a wireless control strategy into your next project?

How to Make Lighting Controls Easy

Lutron Electronics

With new LED technologies sweeping across the energy retrofit landscape, advanced controls are required to maximize energy savings and provide occupant comfort. This session will review the new lighting control options: good, better and best that will meet any ROI requirements. We will discuss the benefits of each solution and review case studies of each type of solutions. We will review the integration of lighting into building management systems and the energy benefits of having a fully integrated solution.

New Technology Adoption in a Fast-Paced Industry


You are no doubt familiar with the promise that modern-day business software offers the pace and scale of your enterprise. While solutions such as CRM, ERP and workflow management can provide dramatic results to your company, it’s important to understand how to prepare for the inherent process change while keeping your eyes firmly focused on revenue, profit and customer success. In this session, the SnapCount team will present a case study featuring Hemma Lighting of Atlanta, Ga., and how they adopted a Retrofit Work Management solution (SnapCount) during a period of explosive growth. You will learn key approaches for preparing your organization for change, improvement and on-going management of mission-critical technology. While the solution featured will be lighting retrofit focused, these tips can be applied to virtually any technology whether an enterprise ERP, CRM or Work Management Solution.

Lighting Fixtures Used to for Industrial IoT

Synapse Wireless

This session will present a case study using lighting controls to provide data to reflect energy savings in the industrial space.