Distinguished Service Award

This award is received only once in a lifetime and is not necessarily given every year.  It is given to someone who has expressed willingness to give unselfishly their time and energy for their fellow NALMCO members and the betterment of the industry. Awards are presented at the Annual Banquet held during the NALMCO Convention and Trade Show. 

  • Nominated by the most recent recipient and Executive Committee
  • Voted on by the entire last 3 recipients
  • The recipient only receives once in a lifetime
  • Not necessarily given each year


Erik Ennen, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2016)
Bill Sgro, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2013)
Jim Frank (2010)
Randy Breske, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2008)
Victor Frank, CLMC (2005)
Herb Mendelsohn (2004)
Jami Wilson, CLMC (2003)
Mike Walls, CLMC (2002)
Norma Frank, CLMC (2000)

Lumina Award

It is encouraged but not required to give the Lumina Award annually for special merit.  This award is presented for commitment, loyalty and dedication to the leadership of NALMCO and/or project recognition that benefits NALMCO and the lighting industry.  It is our understanding that the Lumina Award is chosen by the President with assistance from the Executive Committee. Awards are presented at the Annual Banquet held during the NALMCO Convention and Trade Show.  

  • Candidates are nominated by the President
  • Candidates are voted on by the Executive Committee


Brian Baker (2022)
Kim Cagle (2022) 
Monica Kristo (2022) 
Erik Ennen (2022) 
David Errigo (2022) 
Chris Frank (2021) 
Bill Sgro (2021)
Jared Johnson, CLMC (2018)
Steve Kath, CLMC (2018)
Scott Mendelsohn, CLMC (2016)
Fred Hauber, CLMC, CSLC (2015)
Erik Ennen, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2013)
Brian Baker, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2013)
Randy Breske, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2013)
Doug Stoneman, (2013)
Jeffrey Kinney, CLMC (2013)
Dan Lareau, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2013)
Jim Frank, (2012)
Precision-Paragon, (2011)
Randy Breske, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2010)
Ray Pustinger, CLMC (2010)
Scott Weiss, CLMC, CSLC (2010)
Barry LeFave, CLMC (2008)
Cary Mendelsohn, CLMC (2007)
Norma Frank, CLMC (2007)
Randy Breske, CLMC, CSLC, CLCP (2005)
Mike Walls, CLMC (2004)
Craig Shoemaker (2000)
Doug Townsley (1999)
Fod Vick, CLMC (1999)
Chris Boren, CLMC
Ron Gilcrease, CLMC
Norma Frank, CLMC


Honorary Membership

May be granted to any retired individual who, through a past display of dedication to the affairs and purposes of the Association by serving a full term as President of the Association or having won the Distinguished Service Award.

Membership in this category must be requested by the individual or by recommendation of a member of the Board.

Honorary members will continue to receive LM&M and be eligible to attend the Annual Convention and Trade Show at no charge.  Honorary members may not be the representative of any General member, shall not be assessed dues, and shall have no vote. Traditionally Honorary Membership is presented at the Annual Business Meeting or at the Annual Banquet held during the NALMCO Convention and Trade Show if the honoree is in attendance.  


Randy Breske, CLMC, CLCP
Norma Frank, CLMC
Vic Frank
Fred Abrahams
Bernard Eisenman, CLMC
Stephen Hatch, CLMC
Ed Humeston
Ted Mattes, CLMC
Herb Mendelsohn
Glen W. Palmer