Certified Senior Lighting Technician™ (CSLT™)

Apply or Renew

After earning your CALT certification, NALMCO offers the Certified Senior Lighting Technician™ (CSLT™) certification, a home study program that is indispensable for experienced technicians. The CSLT reinforces the principles of basic lighting and lighting management operations.

The CALT is a prerequisite to obtaining the CSLT designation. 

The CSLT exam covers:

  • Lighting Fundamentals
  • Planned Lighting Maintenance
  • Luminaires
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Energy Management/Lighting Controls
  • Safety and Code
  • Troubleshooting

When you enroll in the CSLT, you will receive the electronic training manual, Illuminations, access to take the CSLT computer-based exam, and a three-year certification enrollment. Upon enrollment, participants have 90 days to take the exam. ENROLL TODAY.

Preparing for the Exam

The CSLT certification is a self-study course. Some companies offer to teach the course in a group setting, supplementing the lecture with reading and discussion. Others may opt to have technicians read the training manual and then meet in person to review and prepare for the exam. Finally, some candidates study and prepare solely on their own. Be sure to ask your company if they offer a training program. 

Enrolling for the Exam

  1. Purchase the CALT Program.
    NOTE: Each technician sitting for the exam must register individually. Exam information and training manuals are sent to the individual taking the exam. Technicians may create an Account on nalmco.org by clicking “Create Account” at the top of the page. 
  2. Candidates will receive an email about their testing session within 36 business hours. This email will include their NALMCO Identifier and secure URL to access the exam online. Please ensure your program accepts emails from AllianceSafetyCouncil.org, the third-party exam administrator. All exam correspondence is sent electronically.
  3. Candidates have 180 days from the date of online registration to complete the exam.
  4. Candidates will receive their final score upon completion of the exam. To pass, candidates’ score must be 70 percent or higher.
  5. Approximately one week after passing the exam NALMCO Headquarters receives a report from the testing company with candidate scores from the prior week.  If passing, the candidate will receive an email with instructions on how to access their certificate of completion and wallet card. The designation CALT will be placed after the candidate’s name.
  6. If a candidate does not pass, examination retakes are available for $50. You may register for a CALT Exam Retake here.

Review the CALT/CSLT Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information on registration, fees, recertification requirements, computer/technology challenges and contact information for further questions.  


All CSLTs must recertify every three years to maintain their certification statue. Notification will be sent by USPS mail when it’s time to recertify. The CSLT certification renewal is $90.

Track your certification renewal hours throughout your renewal cycle using the NALMCO Certification Renewal Credits Tracker below.