For Successful Lighting Programs and Projects, Your Bottom-Line Thanks You!

When it’s time to invest in planned lighting programs, lighting repairs or energy-efficient lighting upgrade projects, choosing the right partner can be a challenge. So, how do you make the right choice?

Choose NALMCO Members

NALMCO members are equipped to help you implement lighting solutions that reduce overall maintenance costs, save energy and benefit the environment.  Our members recognize that the true value of a lighting program or project lies not just in short-term savings, but in long-term quality, reliability, productivity and energy efficiency. These are the qualities that can save you tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term.

NALMCO member companies are equipped with certified lighting technicians and advanced lighting professionals, all of whom have demonstrated skills that can help any lighting program or project move forward safely, quickly and efficiently. 

Utility Experts & Legislative Insiders

Utility incentives and rebates have the ability to drastically reduce the upfront cost of lighting programs and projects. That’s why NALMCO members are knowledgeable about local and regional utility programs.  NALMCO has worked to promote lighting-friendly legislation by meeting directly with members of Congress and founding grassroots organizations that encourage subsidies for energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

That means that when you work with a NALMCO member, you’re working with a lighting professional who is likely to understand how both legislation and utility programs can impact your program or project and can help you utilize these programs to get the most value out of your project. 

Use NALMCO’s RFP Service

We invite you to learn more about finding the perfect NALMCO partner and take advantage of the NALMCO Online RFP program.  Our RFP program is designed to facilitate an easy, quick and smooth process of finding the right professional to fit your needs. The more information you provide about your organization and its needs, the higher quality proposals you will receive, and the less time you will spend vetting questions.  Within the week, your RFP will be posted to the NALMCO Members Only section of the website, and a notification will be sent directly to NALMCO General Members. Individual members will contact you directly if they are interested in the opportunity.