Member Benefits


NALMCO introduced the first nationally recognized professional lighting management certifications. The certifications identify you as a leader within the industry and prove to customers you’re the most qualified for the job. Moreover, NALMCO Certifications come at an affordable cost, facilitating the certification of both you and your team. This affordability not only allows you to enhance your skills but also showcases your role as a highly adept professional who clients can confidently rely on for proficiently managing their projects.

Networking Opportunities

NALMCO members can build relationships with more than 1,800 other lighting management professionals. These relationships often result in more business for you and your company. Since NALMCO members specialize in different parts of the lighting industry, they share job leads and referrals, and often prefer to work with fellow NALMCO members on lighting projects.

Professional Development | Industry Events

NALMCO provides educational and technical seminars throughout the year to equip members with new skills and information. The two primary yearly training occasions consist of the Annual Convention and Trade Show in October and the Spring Seminar held in March or April.

  • The Annual Convention and Trade Show is a three-day educational event that provides internationally recognized lighting experts, professional development opportunities, special networking events, a trade show, one-on-one appointments with exhibitors and recreational activities.
  • Spring Seminar is an interactive two-day training seminar on lighting trends, lighting safety and maintenance, energy efficiency solutions, the future of lighting, lighting tools and other industry-related topics.


Membership includes a subscription and online access to NALMCO’s quarterly magazine, Lighting Management & MaintenanceLM&M features articles on current industry issues, technology and trends as well as member editorials and case studies. Each issue highlights a different NALMCO member and is designed to educate NALMCO members by providing information that will help them increase profits and more successfully manage their businesses.

Online Resources

We have a members-only area that connects you with other members and offers business tools for technology, best practices, management operations and much more.

Promotion for Your Work and Your Company

The association touts the benefits of managed lighting services along with our member companies to many organizations and industries through a wide range of marketing efforts, including our Choose NALMCO campaign.

Preparation for the Future

Associations envision how the industry or profession will look in the coming years. While you’re focused on maintaining your daily operations, NALMCO is looking at what’s to come and will provide you with new opportunities, allowing you to stay one step ahead.

Increase Your Clout

Associations are a great place to build your name and brand reputation. Getting involved – and remaining involved – in the industry and professional activities will bring you to another level in your career. Once you become a member, you can serve on a NALMCO committee or on the Board of Directors. These positions bring you recognition among your peers and offer you the opportunity to shape the course of the lighting industry.