Certified Lighting Controls Professional™ (CLCP™)



Demand for LED lighting and advanced lighting controls is accelerating. As lighting and controls become increasingly complex, customers need qualified professionals. NALMCO’s Certified Lighting Controls Professional™ (CLCP™) designation provides assurance that a professional is highly educated about lighting controls based on high-quality curriculum designed by the controls industry.  The CLCP is based on the education curriculum developed by the Lighting Controls Association’s Education Express online education system at LightingControlsAssociation.org. There is no cost to access LCA’s Education Express. Upon enrollment, participants have 90 days to take the exam.  Please read NALMCO’s white paper focused on the Revolution in Light to understand the market forecast for this certification program.

CLCP Candidates
The CLCP certification is ideal for all professionals in the lighting industry, including:

  • Project Managers and Auditors, responsible for design, layout specifying controls on any upgrade, renovation or new construction projects;
  • Managers who oversee projects and Project Managers;
  • Purchasing Agents who make product recommendations or final buying decisions;
  • Sales Professionals who work directly with clients and create proposals;
  • Lighting Technicians who install and maintain lighting and controls;
  • Architects who need to keep apprised of Green energy code adoptions;
  • IT Professionals who need an integral understanding of wireless gateways, controls, products and energy codes; 
  • Educational Institutions offer courses or supplemental content to prepare emerging professionals for a fast-paced industry. 

The CLCP exam covers:

  • Introduction to Lighting Control
  • Switching Control
  • Dimming Control
  • Lighting Control System Design
  • Lighting Controls for Existing Buildings
  • Commissioning and Lighting Controls
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Lighting and Commercial Energy Codes
  • Personal Lighting Control
  • Lighting Control and LEDs
  • Wireless RF Lighting Control
  • Intelligent Lighting Control

Exam Prerequisites

The applicant is encouraged to complete all learning modules about lighting controls technology through the Lighting Controls Association's (LCA) Education Express and have the ability to provide documentation showing completion of each module. You must register for the exam and submit payment to NALMCO Headquarters before you are eligible to sit for the exam. After your application has been processed, applicants will receive information about their testing session. 

Certified Lighting Controls Professional™ (CLCP™): 
$225 per person Non-Members | $200 per person Members 
A discount code provided to member company representative when joining or renewing membership
is needed to get member pricing.  Codes change from year to year.
Retake by clicking on the Apply button at the top of this page.

Preparing for the Exam

Candidates are encouraged to complete all training modules found in the Lighting Controls Association’s Education Express and have the ability to provide documentation showing the completion of each module. LCA’s Education Express is no cost. Simply create an account, then complete each module and quiz. 

Registering for the Exam

  1. Enroll in the CLCP Certification program online.
  2. Review CLCP Candidate Handbook prior to scheduling your examination. 


All CLCP's must recertify every three years to maintain their certification status. Notification will be sent by email and USPS mail when it’s time to recertify. The CLCP certification renewal is $200.  24 - CEU's are also required to renew.  Track your CEU hours through your NALMCO profile by logging into your profile and enter in the CEU Tracker.