NALMCO offers two of the industry’s top events each year, the Annual Convention & Trade Show and Spring Seminar. Each is designed to equip members to succeed in today’s fast-changing environment.

Annual Convention & Trade Show

NALMCO Annual Convention and Trade Show is a three-day meeting held annually in October. This conference attracts on average, 250 attendees and 50 exhibitors from all over the United States. With an emphasis on networking, the annual convention and trade show attendance includes business owners, senior-level management, design staff and lighting technicians. 

Spring Seminar

Spring Seminar transitions throughout the United States every year, highlighting NALMCO associate members. Hosted by associate member companies, this 2.5-day conference is heavily focused on education and what’s new in the industry. Broken down into 25-minute increments, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from at least 10 companies in addition to touring the host company facility.


From industry experts who will help you improve your business skills and lighting knowledge.


In small group meetings with Associate Members to discuss the latest lighting industry issues and solutions.


With members and colleagues to discuss best business practices and stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

NALMCO events are never your average lighting conference.